14 Mar

Understanding Bail Bonds

To understand what are bail bonds one must first grasp the concept of a bail. A bail is money someone has to put up as an assurance to court or a judge that they will comply with courts decisions and return for any further hearing as the judge has ordered. The court will hold up this bail money till the entire hearing procedure is complete and the court is convinced that the defendant has complied with all the requirements.

The amount of money depends on the severity of alleged crime, suspects previous criminal record, the danger that the release of suspect may pose to the public and the suspects ties and friendships in the community and surroundings.

The amount of bail money can range from a really low amount to massive amounts that might be un-affordable for some people. In such a case the accused has the option of staying in jail till the net date or be released into public by paying bail money or submitting bail bond.

Bail bond is an assurance or guarantee that allows a person who is accused of having committed a crime to stay out of police custody while their case is yet not finalized and the defendant is awaiting either a judgement of conviction or acquittal. The defendant is assigned a bail bond by a bail bondsman. The bails bondsman ensures it to the court, as a written agreement, that the accused will attend the hearing on time and that in case of his absence on the due date the complete bail money will be submitted to court by the bail bond agent.

A bail bonds man charges the defendant a non-refundable percentage of the bail amount in return for guaranteeing the court his return and compliance. This percentage is usually around 10% of the bail money but an agent my charge more and may also insist that the client put up some property as collateral to secure the bond. In some case to ensure that the accused does not flee, the bails bond company looks for friends and family members to act as indemnity, who will then be liable for the bail money if the defendant does not appear on time.

It is through this non-refundable percentage that a bails bonds company makes its earning. The take up a percentage for the risk they take in being the guarantors of a dependent. Of course, there is risk involved, in case the defendant tries to flee, the bails bond agency may assign bounty hunters to track such defendants and bring them to court. The bail bond company is legally empowered to carry out this hunt and bring the accused to justice. In the rare case the accused manages to hide or flee successfully, the bails bond company is liable to pay the complete bail amount to the court. In such a situation, the collateral and indemnity come into play too and may be used against the accused.

If one is to setup a bails bond company, he must ensure he understands the laws of the state he plans on operating in and has the complete paperwork, licenses and registration requirements sorted out. It is important to have some form of Insurance for the company too. The next steps should be to locate the office at ideal locations and advertise sufficiently to gain a good clientele. And very importantly have a system setup to catch any fleeing accusers or clients, perhaps by hiring bounty hunters, to help minimize the risk involved in running such a business.

When setting up a bails bond company it is important to consider that the laws regarding bails bond system having been under discussion in many states and there has been some criticism of such a system that forces the poor to stay in jail while allowing others to roam free creating a sense of discrimination (to get more treatment on this, go here: https://legaldesire.com/how-do-24-hour-bail-bonds-work/. If such a law is passed that renders a bail bond system obsolete, the bail bonds companies will also go out of business completely.

On the contrary, it is to be noted that the bails bond industry has been very profitable too, according to some reports the industry brings in around 2 billion dollars in profit per year. So, if you have understood all the risks involved and have a clear plan on aiming reasonable clientele, bail bond companies can be quite profitable.

13 Mar

Are Bail Bonds Fair Today?

For those who are new to the term ‘bail bond’, here is what you need to know about bail bonds. In short, it is a surety bond that acts as a safety net for defendants, allowing them to be released from jail until their trial dates. In the event that the defendant is unable to pay the bail amount set by the court, they will usually seek help from a bail bondsman. On the basis the defendant pays 10% of the bail amount, the bail bondsman will secure the other 90%, normally in the from of a collateral. In the event that the defendant does not appear for their trial dates, the remaining 90% will need to be paid. However, if the defendant attends as promised, the bail bond is then dissolved. The bail bondsman will keep his 10% cut.

It is important to understand that while Bail Bonds are only practiced in the US and Philippines, each state has its own bail bond system. In some states, such as Kentucky, commercial bail bonding has been completely banned. The bail bond systems biggest criticism in recent times, is its discriminatory nature towards the lower income households in the US. Thousands of people are held in jail because they cannot afford to scrape together 10% of their bail amount – this will depend on the size of the bail, which is set at the judge’s discretion, but the same principle applies across the board. Has this had a negative impact on the already problematic mass poverty levels across the states? It’s difficult to measure, but there are arguments for both sides here.

From an underwriter’s perspective, bail bonds are very risky, and become increasingly risky based on the following factors: creditworthiness, personal and family life. The size of the bail and severity of crime will also impact the decision of a prudent insurer. Please note, while it could be argued a bail bondsman provides security and surety to a defendant until their trial date, they are incentivized by the profits for successful cases. Therefore, it’s unlikely that a bail bondsman will be available for minor crimes, where profitability potential doesn’t exceed $10 or $20. This means that there is an increasing amount spent on jail fees to hold defendants who have committed minor crimes, rather than those who have committed higher crimes and have higher bail amounts.

So what’s the big deal with leaving a loved one behind bars? A defendant, whether guilty or not, will have family and loved ones most of the time. Holding a defendant in jail if they or their family cannot afford to pay 10% (or 15% in some cases) of the bail amount, could have a negative effect on their mental and physical well-being. I’m sure you’ll agree that it seems ‘unfair’ for a bail bondsman to retain 10% of the premium in the event the defendant is proven not guilty. This could lead to relatives being forced to turn to loans as a solution to pay down the original 10%, deepening the already alarming debt and poverty levels across the US. From summer 2018, tech giants Facebook and Google banned the advertisements of bail bonds, as they stated it is an exploitative industry, preying on low-income households. On any given day, in the US, approximately two-thirds of people in local jails are awaiting trials, because they can’t afford to pay their bail or pay 10% of their bail to a bail bondsman.

There are positives to the bail bonds system. After all, would it still exist in some states if it were not deemed effective? In theory, the bail is designed to mitigate the risk of a criminal failing to show up to court hearings, and ultimately evading the legal process. A bail bond allows the defendant some ‘breathing space’, and provides a level of certainty for the court, in that they are covered (by the bail amount) in the event the defendant does not appear on the required date.

What does the future hold? Is a more suitable system the pre-trial justice system? This could kick start the end to poverty in the US. It might be time for the remaining states to abolish the bail bond system, which pushes many into crippling debt, and leaves low income criminals, whether innocent or guilty, held in jails purely due to lack of funding.

22 Jan

How to Choose the Best Water Dispenser

A water dispenser is a proper machine that you should have in your home since it gives you drinking water with a press of a button. It is capable of dispensing cool water and hot water in case you need to water for making a hot cup of coffee. In the past, many offices used water coolers compared to today where things have gone up, and dispensers have evolved. Some people are also getting tired of boiling hot water on the stove or microwave. Apart from homes, water dispensers are today used in other areas where there are many people. Some of these areas include libraries, sports lockers, offices, schools and so much more. Water dispensers come in many varieties and models. Below are some top tips to help you choose the best water dispenser for your home or office:

Cool and hot water

If you have a dispenser that cools the water, then you will be assured of drinking water with a delicious taste. When you drink natural mineral water which is chilled, you are going to be more satisfied and also enjoy especially if the weather is warm. 

Most dispenser models will also come with a hot water feature. They are equipped with 2 nozzles where one delivers hot water and the other one cool water. These dispenser types are a perfect choice for the preparation of hot beverages like tea, coffee or instant soup without necessarily heating water in an electric kettle. You should also look for dispenser models that come with other safety features, especially if you have young children around. 

Model selection 

There are usually 2 main types of bottled water dispensers, i.e. free-standing and countertop models. 

The free-standing models appear to have a nice look when placed in corners and in case you have one custom designed, you can brighten up any currently unused space in your home. There are some free-standing models that boast a small footprint and are perfect for homes that have limited floor spaces. 

The countertop models are more suitable if you prefer the dispenser to be on a higher position such as a work surface or table.

Style and design 

The design of the water dispenser that you purchase can contribute immensely to the personality and interior design of your home. Ensure that you choose a style that suitably fits your interior design. Select a supplier who offers the option of personalizing a water dispenser with your favourite design and colour that pleases you. 


Selecting the best company that supplies water cooler equipment is just as important as choosing the right type of water dispenser for your office or home. The supplier is responsible for your dispenser maintenance and also makes sure that it remains in good condition in the long run. 

You should talk to several suppliers and enquiry about their different packages and also the benefits they offer. Most suppliers are always willing to customize their packages in order to address the individual’s needs. Make a call to a supplier representative and ask questions regarding water dispensers. If the supplier is reputable, then you will get all answers to your questions about their company and packages. 

Other features to consider

Water dispensers can come with some additional features. Simply examine the possibilities and look for options that best suit your needs. 

Some models in the market will come with advanced features like thermal electric technology which allows the user to vary the water temperature, ergonomic designs among others. Use the above tips, and you will end up getting the best water dispenser that for your home. 

Types of water dispensers 

Before you buy a dispenser that suits your needs, it is recommended that you understand the different types available in the market to avoid making a mistake. Below are some expert recommendations for cold and hot water coolers at home to consider:

1. PUR water dispenser 

This type of water dispenser is ideal for homes and small offices. It has the ability to hold up to 1.125 gallons of water. It has a water filter that cleans water when being poured into it. To dispense the water, you simply need to pull the knob in the upward direction. It is much affordable and can produce cold water alone. 

2. Brita Ultramax water dispenser 

It can hold up to 1.125 gallons of water. It also designed in a rectangular shape that makes it easy to be fitted well on top of surfaces such as a refrigerator shelf. It has an electronic water filter change for notification that allows one to know when a replacement is required. 

3. Avanti water dispenser with ice maker

It is majorly used in office setups. It can hold up to a 5-gallon water tank. It can dispense filters water with different temperatures depending on your needs. Firstly, the cold temperature provided is similar to that of a glass of ice water. Next, the room temperature of dispensing the water and finally, the hot temperature of making coffee, tea and soups. 

Now that you know the different popular types of water dispensers, you can select the best one that suits your needs. Just take your time and read customer reviews online to analyze every type and its features before you decide to purchase one. Good news is that the newer water dispenser models are very energy efficient. You can unplug them when nobody is using them or during the night time.

Water dispensers that provide hot water are also child safe since they have a safety nozzle attached to its hot water lever. This normally prevents young children and other careless adults from burning themselves with hot water. Place the water dispenser at a strategic place to prevent it from falling down.

If you have a dispenser, you will be able to save on your electricity bill. You should not have worries because the dispensers come with warranties in case a cooling, heating or leakage problem arises. Do not forget to buy plastic cups if you are purchasing a dispenser to be used in areas outside your home.

16 Aug

Why Writing Poetry Is Healthy For Your Nerve System

writing poetryHave you ever wondered what you can do to stay calm and relaxed after a long period of work? The stress that your body accumulates is indeed a big pressure and because everyone is almost set on “fast-forward” and just work, you definitely need something to relieve you of stress. Even if it doesn’t sound likely, the stress can be a very big problem if you don’t take care of it. Some people prefer to run in the park or go to the gym, but not everyone is built in the same way.

There are also other activities that you can do for relieving the stress symptoms that you have, and one of them is writing poetry. Let’s see why writing poetry is healthy for your nerve system and how this can help you cope with everyday activities and stress.

It’s Creative

Writing poetry is actually a very creative activity. You don’t have to think that you’ll become a famous writer like warpetieverags and win plenty of prizes, because the goal is to relax and enjoy what you are doing. Simply trying to find the right words that fit in the text represents another type of activity – it’s not something that you do every day and it can be both fun and relaxing.

You’ll get to write about anything that you want, from love to sorrow, from joy to friendship and you can even write about landscapes and life. It’s an activity that has no limits, because you can find your own poetry style.

It’s Relaxing

Relaxation is actually the main goal of writing poetry, as it helps your nervous system get out of the loop that represents your daily activities. Spending one hour every day with writing a few stanzas and finding the right words that rime with each other is relaxing – it doesn’t have to be perfect, but it has to reflect your own feelings and imagination.

It’s Releasing

Sometimes, when people have a bad experience or something that pressures them, it’s hard to put into words what they are going through. This can be better understood from the experience of California birth trauma lawyer. They often find clients having children with birth difficulties. They were able to recover financial loss. But, it was not their task to retrieve the stress. If you’re feeling that you can’t talk about it, you can always try to write poetry on the subject. It’s said that writing about what you go through gives you a sense of liberation and freedom, so if you can’t talk with someone about your problem, the best thing that you could do is write about it.

It may not be easy at first, but you will see that choosing the words that express your feelings is better than taking therapy sessions – even the specialists recommend you to keep a diary with what you are experiencing, and if you can’t talk about it, you can certainly write poetry on it.

Nobody has to see it, if you don’t want to, but it’s a way of releasing the negative feelings that you have.

It’s Something Else

Unlike a physical activity, writing poetry is about using your brain. This helps creating new neural paths as you get to work it in finding the right words, the right rimes and the right structure for what you are writing.

This is a mental activity that can be done no matter how old you are – it also relaxes you but it also helps you in going over harder periods of your life. It doesn’t matter if you are sad or happy, or if you feel sorrow or joy, because writing poetry can be done at any given moment.

5 Jul

Life is a road full with obstacles. It’s like a car accident waiting to happen.

The number of cars on the roads has increased exponentially and so has the number of drivers. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes how important it is to pay attention to the road signs and respect the laws for public driving. There are plenty of drivers who don’t comply with the requirements and consider that something like this – an accident – cannot happen to them.  Myrtle Beach is not a place that makes exceptions, so you need to be ready for any possible situation.

Why Accidents Happen

Unfortunately, the truth is far away from this. When you become a driver, the first thing that you need to learn is that you are responsible for your life and the life of your passengers, but also the life of others who participate in public traffic, no matter if they’re drivers or pedestrians.

When a car accident happens, it takes place out of several reasons: the driver who is responsible doesn’t have a driving license, or they don’t know all the rules of driving on public roads. Apart from this, they could be drunk or under the influence of different substances, or they’re simply not paying attention to the road.

There are also other reasons for a car accident to take place, but it’s rather unimportant for the victim what caused the automobile accident.

What You Need to Do

First of all, if you are the victim of a car crash, you need to make sure that you receive the right medical attention. The police and the ambulance will always come to the place of the accident if there were victims, but if you are conscious, you need to make sure that they take you to the hospital and you are taken care of.

Once you’re out of danger, you need to consult with a car accident lawyer Myrtle Beach having several law firms that are specialized in this.  You don’t have to wait until you are out of the hospital or until the responsible party contacts you, because it’s in your interest to receive the rightful compensation for your losses and expenses.

Suffering an injury from a car accident can be quite demanding concerning health insurance, and if you don’t have a personal medical insurance, you’ll have to pay a high amount of money. The car accident lawyers will make sure that every diligence is taken to get the right settlement between you – as a victim – and the liable party. If this is not possible, your case will need to go to court, and only the lawyer will be able to represent you to have a fair chance of winning.

You’ll have to provide all the details to the lawyer so that he or she can have the right information to work with. For winning the case, they’ll also need to use their knowledge of the system, but also to get information from the doctors, statements from eyewitnesses, reports from the police and any other info that can help you with your case.

It’s not pleasant to go through a car accident, but if you have the help of the right attorney, you could at least recover your expense and the proper payment for your losses.

9 Feb

Comparing Products Actually Sells More Products

study excamAs a professional blogger, you may find yourself writing countless book reviews. However, it is becoming more and more difficult for bloggers to stay in business by just reviewing a book. The book in most cases is too obscure for anyone to find your reviews. Reviewing a best selling, famous book will never work due to the high numbers of its reviews available online.

It is time for bloggers to find other ways of covering books. In this era where everyone is doing whatever it takes to generate traffic to their site, reviewing a single book or a number of books will never help you get a good ranking on search engines. Combining different books is now the way to go.

Comparing books will not only increase your traffic but will help you generate more sales. It makes people buy books as it gives them the feeling that you have compared only the best books and it’s up to them to read your reviews and decide on which book to buy. They may even end up purchasing all the books you’ve compared. The following example from the CNAExamCram.com is a prime example that will show us how the comparison of Certified Nursing Assistant study guides can really help to sell more.

Best CNA Study Guides

There are countless websites out there who claim to have CNA study guides that can help you prepare for the exams. Unfortunately, most these sites are scams with the few honest ones overcharging for their guides. Fortunately, our team of experts have bought all the guides out there, gone through them and have presented you with the best. Go through them below and make an informed decision when buying.

The Official CNA Study Guide

This is our number one guide that is available in most stores at a cost of $9.99. It has a comprehensive set of the test information, useful tests secrets and a couple of extensive practice tests.

The 200 pages guide is more of an abbreviated textbook that gives you all the information you need to refresh your already existing knowledge. It is intended to supplement an already established course foundation, sponsored by EON’s services, as it focuses more on improving rather than teaching.

The CNA Exam Cram

This is the second best study guide on the market. It is available at a cost of $15.49. It was written about five years ago and may need a little updating although it has no major errors.

The guide has generated over 200 positive reviews over its five years of existence. We can therefore conclude that it is worth its cheap price. It has two comprehensive CNA practice tests as well as extensive information on the exam.

The CNA Exam Prep

It is available at a cost of $18.79. It is not as long as the two books above and is more of a study guide than a text book. It is short and direct to the point providing you with a list of important facts and study materials that can help you accumulate the necessary knowledge to pass the exam. It assists you in creating an efficient study plan. It is more of a framework than a reference book.

The Exam Prep has 4 practice exams, 16 lesson reviews and over 300 flash cards that can be printed out. It is perfect for gauging your knowledge on the course. However, unlike the other two guides above, it is a little bit shallow and that’s why it occupies our position three.

Bottom Line

As a professional blogger, you need to compare books in order to stand out from all your competitors. Use the above CNA study guide as an example and you will go places.


22 Jun

Father’s Day Poem

father-poemMen, especially fathers, have a lot more complicated occasions of revealing their very own thoughts and emotions to their own children; a lot of children experience life with the incorrect belief that their dads never love them. This is a very sad misfortune because the fact is; fathers usually love their children very much and usually work extended hours to ensure that they are able to bring up their children in comfort and ease.

Despite the fact that Father’s day has passed already but I would say that the month of June is a perfect month for your father, a perfect month to observe fatherhood. The month of honoring and saying thanks to them for all the hard work they did for us. For all the nurturing, caring and loving that they have shared with us.

A father’s physical existence in your daily life may not be as regular as your mother’s; however, your father was there with your mom when you were born, he was so excited when he announced to his friends and other family members your birth, he supported you during the time when you were still practicing your tiny walks, he shares with your mom those sleepless nights when you were sick. He was there to comfort you when your mom scolds you. He supports you during your school events. He prepares you a beautiful birthday party. He was there in most precious moments of you. Your dad was your partner in crime; he covers you in some of your mistakes so that your mom won’t get angry at you but he never fails to teach you what is right from wrong and corrects your mistake somehow. Dads are our great heroes and they will always be.

Here is a very sweet poem by Jennifer S. Williams and it’s really perfect for your dad.


by Jennifer S. Williams

When I scratched my knee,
Or if I bumped my head.
When I was afraid of the dark,
Or that thing under my bed.
When I cried in the night,
Or even in the day.
You were there for me,
To make it all okay.

You tickled my feet,
And laughed at all my jokes.
You taught me to believe,
In having high hopes.
You are my father
You did what you had to do.
But more than a father
You are my friend too.
You made everything good,
That was once bad.
I just want you to know
I love you Dad.

3 Jun

The Advantages of Short Story Writing for Children

writing-for-kidsWriting a short story will help the little ones to discover the fundamentals of writing in English as well as proper sentence structure. The artistic element can be started by means of suggestions and different activities. A lot of youngsters like to compose on certain subject matter presented by other people or anything about spring break, summer, Christmas season or some other fun activities they did. You may provide them a certain subject contemplating their desires, or you may ask them if they have something in their minds that they wanted to share through writings. We just need to encourage them so that they will be motivated to write creative short stories.

There are so many benefits of creative writing. It allows your children to utilize their very own creativeness and encourages them to observe proper English grammar structures. You’ll never know, 20 years later, your kids will become one of the most sought after authors in the world. Or perhaps a successful fashion designer in a multinational magazine. Does it sound cool to you? The primary purpose here is to always keep your school aged children be productively busy in their life.

Here are the Advantages of Story Writing for Children:

• It helps them develop creativity in different aspects of life.
• It helps them practice self-discipline.
• It improves their grammar skills.
• It helps them come up with new ideas or thoughts.
• It can help them think critically.
• It can help them develop their language skills.
• It broadens their understanding towards things fictional and nonfictional.

Aside from those benefits above, creative story writing can be valuable too in a child’s curricular exercises in school such as group writing classes or other writing workshops for his/her age bracket. If you notice that your child shows interest in writing, then it is best for you to introduce them to creative story writing workshops or classes. By doing so, it will help them develop their passion for writing, thus, making them a successful author in the future or a professional that works in related industry. As parents, you should never disregard your little ones’ interest for writing. They highly need your support and encouragement while they’re young because it helps them develop self-confidence towards the things they love to do.

26 Feb

Understanding The Components Inside Short Stories

short-storiesLiterature has variations and short story is among those many types of literature. Generally, it is a story line which is brief. It is a type or a genre having its own. It can be anything that the author describes it to be. Intelligence Online states that short stories are a fictional work with a thematic emphasis which describes the character’s situations. Usually, the quickest stories may be no more than a page or two in length. But there are lengthiest ones also. The components typically consist of setting with time period and spot, struggle, area of interest, topics, and character types. Let’s discover how these types of components function in a story line.

Characters: In a short story, you may discover a variety of figures. There are stereotypes which are acquainted such as the unhappy mother, the hostile entrepreneur. There may also be archetypal characters just as the cool dude, the alter ego, and some who are involved in some kind of look up.

Conflict: The audience observes the primary figure or protagonist who is in a struggle with another character. The conflict can also be inside with some unpredictable non secular or emotional push.

Subject Matter: The topic of a story line is usually wrongly recognized for its concept. The typical subject matter for modern day short fictional works typically incorporate class, cultural standing, race, gender selection, and community concerns just like poverty, violence of any kind, separation and divorce, and drugs.

Time, Place: In whatever story you find in bookshelves, most of them are set on the present day scenario. However, the setting of place should typically differ from sultry to ordinary and metropolitan to farm areas or a sushi restaurant in Rotterdam.

Theme: The various subject matter help the author to remark upon the bigger theme which usually is the core of the fictional work. The person in conflict with society’s associations, religious conflicts, and values may be integrated in the concept. Alienation, human solitude, the struggle of generations, stress and anxiety, love and hate connection; man – woman connections; self-delusion and self-discovery; beginning from innocence to expertise; illusion and real truth; the connection concerning living and artwork are a number of the major topics of The twentieth-century short experiences and the lengthier forms of fictional works.

You will love a short story or a fictional works which is organized well with all these components. A very good tale is one which works in generating one solitary impact vivid effect by requisitioning the interest at the outside and gathering preserving it till the climax is attained

20 Feb

The key benefits of Theater to Children

theatre showWhether the inclination is for realistic look or experimental theater, it is a specific thing which in turn, you will never wish to pass up. Live shows on stage are a good enrichment kind of enjoyment for individuals of all ages particularly to young children. The theater can become a lively piece of your way of living and can make children become better individuals.

Here are key benefits of theater shows to young children:

Discovering Talents. If you bring your kids to successful theater shows at any grade, either Broadway or school drama club where there are various folks with various abilities coming together on the way to one prevalent purpose, your kids will be exposed to these talents and will be able to identify his or her own talents with the help of the live performances. A theater show can never be realized without entertainers and directors and authors and designers and music artists and all that are on stage and behind curtains. There is certainly a spot for every person in the live theater and getting engaged can help your children find out exactly where he/she will fit into the overall dish.

Problem Solving. In a live theater show, you will find different ideas from different people. Theater provides the suitable recreation space for youngsters to practice and reinforce his/her problem solving skills by discussing, dealing with emotional baggage and arguments.

Respecting Everyone’s Uniqueness. Live theater can take you all over the world and going back in times. These kinds of stories can get us anyplace we wish to travel while not ever departing the stage. We are needed to convey characters, thoughts, and scenarios that are outside of our personal encounters. Whenever your youngster assumes on the tales and thoughts of other people, he/she is in the practice of comprehending life outside of their selves, their very own family members, their places. This makes them learn to enjoy and value individuals who are distinct from them.

Be Successful Academically. A wide range of research has shown that involvement in theater strengthens students reading and writing skills. Through dramatic performance, small children are discovering the building blocks of language progression essential to get them to be better verbal and written communicators. Kids will learn to recognise, recollect, and restate what they are reading, asking crucial concerns for clarification and further knowledge, memorization. Through their engagement in live theater, not only are your youngsters discovering exciting information, they are also discovering how to discover.

Friendly Character. Being engaged with live theater will give your young children a chance to go through it with a group of individuals. He/she will learn to deal with a challenging venture with a team and of course coming out the other side so happy of what they have accomplished jointly. The work is difficult but so satisfying. It teaches young children be more about themselves and the other people who are on the voyage with them and teaches them how to help one another on and off the stage.