9 Feb

Comparing Products Actually Sells More Products

study excamAs a professional blogger, you may find yourself writing countless book reviews. However, it is becoming more and more difficult for bloggers to stay in business by just reviewing a book. The book in most cases is too obscure for anyone to find your reviews. Reviewing a best selling, famous book will never work due to the high numbers of its reviews available online.

It is time for bloggers to find other ways of covering books. In this era where everyone is doing whatever it takes to generate traffic to their site, reviewing a single book or a number of books will never help you get a good ranking on search engines. Combining different books is now the way to go.

Comparing books will not only increase your traffic but will help you generate more sales. It makes people buy books as it gives them the feeling that you have compared only the best books and it’s up to them to read your reviews and decide on which book to buy. They may even end up purchasing all the books you’ve compared. The following example from the CNAExamCram.com is a prime example that will show us how the comparison of Certified Nursing Assistant study guides can really help to sell more.

Best CNA Study Guides

There are countless websites out there who claim to have CNA study guides that can help you prepare for the exams. Unfortunately, most these sites are scams with the few honest ones overcharging for their guides. Fortunately, our team of experts have bought all the guides out there, gone through them and have presented you with the best. Go through them below and make an informed decision when buying.

The Official CNA Study Guide

This is our number one guide that is available in most stores at a cost of $9.99. It has a comprehensive set of the test information, useful tests secrets and a couple of extensive practice tests.

The 200 pages guide is more of an abbreviated textbook that gives you all the information you need to refresh your already existing knowledge. It is intended to supplement an already established course foundation, sponsored by EON’s services, as it focuses more on improving rather than teaching.

The CNA Exam Cram

This is the second best study guide on the market. It is available at a cost of $15.49. It was written about five years ago and may need a little updating although it has no major errors.

The guide has generated over 200 positive reviews over its five years of existence. We can therefore conclude that it is worth its cheap price. It has two comprehensive CNA practice tests as well as extensive information on the exam.

The CNA Exam Prep

It is available at a cost of $18.79. It is not as long as the two books above and is more of a study guide than a text book. It is short and direct to the point providing you with a list of important facts and study materials that can help you accumulate the necessary knowledge to pass the exam. It assists you in creating an efficient study plan. It is more of a framework than a reference book.

The Exam Prep has 4 practice exams, 16 lesson reviews and over 300 flash cards that can be printed out. It is perfect for gauging your knowledge on the course. However, unlike the other two guides above, it is a little bit shallow and that’s why it occupies our position three.

Bottom Line

As a professional blogger, you need to compare books in order to stand out from all your competitors. Use the above CNA study guide as an example and you will go places.