22 Jun

Father’s Day Poem

father-poemMen, especially fathers, have a lot more complicated occasions of revealing their very own thoughts and emotions to their own children; a lot of children experience life with the incorrect belief that their dads never love them. This is a very sad misfortune because the fact is; fathers usually love their children very much and usually work extended hours to ensure that they are able to bring up their children in comfort and ease.

Despite the fact that Father’s day has passed already but I would say that the month of June is a perfect month for your father, a perfect month to observe fatherhood. The month of honoring and saying thanks to them for all the hard work they did for us. For all the nurturing, caring and loving that they have shared with us.

A father’s physical existence in your daily life may not be as regular as your mother’s; however, your father was there with your mom when you were born, he was so excited when he announced to his friends and other family members your birth, he supported you during the time when you were still practicing your tiny walks, he shares with your mom those sleepless nights when you were sick. He was there to comfort you when your mom scolds you. He supports you during your school events. He prepares you a beautiful birthday party. He was there in most precious moments of you. Your dad was your partner in crime; he covers you in some of your mistakes so that your mom won’t get angry at you but he never fails to teach you what is right from wrong and corrects your mistake somehow. Dads are our great heroes and they will always be.

Here is a very sweet poem by Jennifer S. Williams and it’s really perfect for your dad.


by Jennifer S. Williams

When I scratched my knee,
Or if I bumped my head.
When I was afraid of the dark,
Or that thing under my bed.
When I cried in the night,
Or even in the day.
You were there for me,
To make it all okay.

You tickled my feet,
And laughed at all my jokes.
You taught me to believe,
In having high hopes.
You are my father
You did what you had to do.
But more than a father
You are my friend too.
You made everything good,
That was once bad.
I just want you to know
I love you Dad.