literature is magicLiterature as defined in the dictionary are “books and writings published on a particular subject” or a term used to refer “works of the creative imagination, including works of play, fiction and nonfiction works and poetry”.

As the definition implies, literature is a product of an individual’s “creative imagination”. Literature is more than just a book or a writing. It is the primary medium towards man’s feeling of happiness, sadness, anger, sorrow. A form of expression that illustrates hope, love, success, failure, fear, and so much more. In other words, literature is abundant with different emotions expressed primarily through writings.

Another interesting thing about literature is, it works are like magic. Why? Because it inspires you, teaches you, entertains you, and brings you to different dimensions without leaving your place. Your knowledge and wisdom are products of literature. From the time when your mother reads you a bedtime story to the last essay you read in college, many of those are embedded on your conscious mind.

Different forms of literature

Autobiography – a literary work that contains real life story and experiences of the author.
Drama – an entertaining form of literature that has actions and dialogues performed by actors and actresses.
Folktale – this is a traditional form of literature. These types of literature are reflection of people’s history, beliefs, culture and customs.
Novel – a lengthy narrative that is written in prose form. It consists of fictional characters and events.
Poetry – a form of literature that is very rich with different emotions while using aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language.
Non-Fiction – a form of prose writing that contains factual information, people and events.

dramaLiterature may not be an easy topic for some people but you can never erase the fact that literature is a big part of human culture that can never be neglected. In fact, it’s one of the greatest things that ever existed and one of the greatest discoveries of humankind.