16 Aug

Why Writing Poetry Is Healthy For Your Nerve System

writing poetryHave you ever wondered what you can do to stay calm and relaxed after a long period of work? The stress that your body accumulates is indeed a big pressure and because everyone is almost set on “fast-forward” and just work, you definitely need something to relieve you of stress. Even if it doesn’t sound likely, the stress can be a very big problem if you don’t take care of it. Some people prefer to run in the park or go to the gym, but not everyone is built in the same way.

There are also other activities that you can do for relieving the stress symptoms that you have, and one of them is writing poetry. Let’s see why writing poetry is healthy for your nerve system and how this can help you cope with everyday activities and stress.

It’s Creative

Writing poetry is actually a very creative activity. You don’t have to think that you’ll become a famous writer like warpetieverags and win plenty of prizes, because the goal is to relax and enjoy what you are doing. Simply trying to find the right words that fit in the text represents another type of activity – it’s not something that you do every day and it can be both fun and relaxing.

You’ll get to write about anything that you want, from love to sorrow, from joy to friendship and you can even write about landscapes and life. It’s an activity that has no limits, because you can find your own poetry style.

It’s Relaxing

Relaxation is actually the main goal of writing poetry, as it helps your nervous system get out of the loop that represents your daily activities. Spending one hour every day with writing a few stanzas and finding the right words that rime with each other is relaxing – it doesn’t have to be perfect, but it has to reflect your own feelings and imagination.

It’s Releasing

Sometimes, when people have a bad experience or something that pressures them, it’s hard to put into words what they are going through. This can be better understood from the experience of California birth trauma lawyer. They often find clients having children with birth difficulties. They were able to recover financial loss. But, it was not their task to retrieve the stress. If you’re feeling that you can’t talk about it, you can always try to write poetry on the subject. It’s said that writing about what you go through gives you a sense of liberation and freedom, so if you can’t talk with someone about your problem, the best thing that you could do is write about it.

It may not be easy at first, but you will see that choosing the words that express your feelings is better than taking therapy sessions – even the specialists recommend you to keep a diary with what you are experiencing, and if you can’t talk about it, you can certainly write poetry on it.

Nobody has to see it, if you don’t want to, but it’s a way of releasing the negative feelings that you have.

It’s Something Else

Unlike a physical activity, writing poetry is about using your brain. This helps creating new neural paths as you get to work it in finding the right words, the right rimes and the right structure for what you are writing.

This is a mental activity that can be done no matter how old you are – it also relaxes you but it also helps you in going over harder periods of your life. It doesn’t matter if you are sad or happy, or if you feel sorrow or joy, because writing poetry can be done at any given moment.