My Love For Words & Poetry

Writing TherapyReality is guaranteed, so am I a thief for writing down what my conscious is telling me?
This is how its meant to be, call it rewritten destiny. Poetry from the heart like a mental therapy

Hate is the father of jealousy and I want to spread love through words like it’s an inner chemistry.
I picture what I write, and I write my own image when I feel it.

A lot of people cherish the sun as soon as the rain drops.
I cherish what I got till the blood in my veins stops.

From a boy full of pleasure to a man with a mission.
Using words as ammunition to explore the talent that I was given.

Life is full of receiving and losing.
My decisions are meant to be because you were led to me.

Waking up doesn’t feel the same with you in my mind.
It was like I never slept, you see?

I Stand by this loss and remain stand-by.
I’m repeating myself again and saying I have time.

But what is time really?

The seconds are passing by and you’re feeling right dearly.  You’re the lost soul I like clearly, I want to catch your tears when you cry.
But I guess your past affected the desire for me.

- Sukhjit Rashad